Extremely flexible stranded lifting wire ropes. Good abrasion resistance. The metal core consists of a 6×7+AM type, independent wire rope (IWRC: independent wire rope core).


6x36 Warrington Seale + FC/IWRC

Lifting wire rope with 6 strands each with 36 wires, with a fibre core or with a 49 wire core (IWRC 7×7), generally with a 1770 N/mm2 or 1960 N/mm2 resistance class. Warrington-Seale type construction Available in ungalvanized (usually lubricated) or galvanized (dry).


6x37 + FC

Lifting wire rope with 6 strands each with 36 wires, standard construction, only with a fibre core. Available in ungalvanized and galvanized, with resistance class 1770 N/mm2. This is a very flexible wire rope, available in diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm.